Fall 2020: Our Cohort

Serena, Kyla, Sophia, Mira (not pictured)


PROJECT: Nectar - mobilizing technology to foster meaningful interactions between college students beyond the non-intimate social exchanges promoted by social media

Shavonna, Liz F., Aakanksha


PROJECT: Meal Club - helping small business restaurants survive the pandemic through eliminating third party delivery service fees

Lidia, Dani, Jordan


PROJECT: TechBound - reimagining the recruiting process for technical internships to be value-based and mission driven



PROJECT: Green Space - promoting discourse among environmentally conscious consumers and sustainable fashion brands



PROJECT: Schefs - harnessing the collective intelligence of our generation by facilitating live conversations between college students on topics of their choice

Emma, Liz A., Clara


PROJECT: Clementine - facilitating frictionless professional connections between women in any stage of their tech career

Kate, Emily, Mofeyi

PROJECT: emPower - connecting low-income households with community solar projects to reduce energy insecurity and increase access to renewable power

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